Working with colours

Right now at the office I'm working with Christmas wrapping paper and gift boxes. The two main things with this project is a) patterns, and b) colours.

Choosing the right set of colour isn't an easy walk, there's so many aspects that you have to look at before you come to a clear about things. Like the shade of grey. Yep, there's Fifty Shades of Grey (and even more so), but finding the perfect one, that my friends, is hard. There's three ways to go - warm, cold or just plain black with lower opacity (in other words: neutral). And when you've chosen wether or not to go cold or warm, you need to find the perfect set of cold/warm. This can be very tricky. Because you might want a warm grey, but you don't want a dusty brown. And you might want a cool grey, but you don't want to end up with baby blue.

Then there's also the thing with what matches what. Like the cool grey matches white, and forrest green and gold. Whilst the warm grey matches red (even thought this might be a tricky match, because you can add red to a warm grey, as an accent colour, and suddenly to little bit of warm grey gets dusty brown). Of course red also goes with cool grey, but it needs to be the perfect red then. And this goes on and on and on. But playing with colours and finding the perfect match isn't just a pain, it's also something thrilling. Just as swiping among people and Tinder, where you suddenly meet someone that becomes a new BFF, colours work the same. And yes, you have to take in to account that the red you found on screen can be too good to be true, but there's always hope for another match.

I'm talking about gift twine/string.

The string just have to match the paper. And what do you do when it doesn't? Well you order new samples, from a new company. And just pray to the lord that the red colour you wanted is to be found so that it matches your paper. Or at least that's what I'm hoping at the moment when creating the Christmas wrapping..

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