I like to call myself ‘graphic designer and creator’. Not because I think that a creator is something that builds up the role of being a graphic designer (as if that isn’t good enough), but because I don’t feel limited to the area of graphic design. So what have I done that is creative you may ask. Well, everyday is a challenge, and every solution that takes me a bit further in life (whether it is to build a lodge house – yes, I’ve actually done that, or just making a stunning 3-course dinner) is for me a creative solution. Being a creator is therefore a way of living life as a problem solver. Being a graphic designer is just one of my perks.

I prefer to keep it simple, as I’ve discovered that many of the most impeccable things in life are simple. They’re designed with a thought, a function, in mind, and bits and pieces that are unnecessary are scaled away. Complex design also has a tendency to get bypassed since the target audience doesn’t understand the design, whilst simple design often ends up neat and clean.

In addition to that I love to get inspired and to inspire others. Inspiration, and the curiosity within, is something that makes humans evolve. And evolution is never wrong (as long as we learn something from it, whether it is from failures or success stories).

More hard fact about me is that I’m based in Stockholm, SWE. I’m currently working as a freelancing digital designer, and have earlier worked as a web designer. Before I started worked I studied Advertising, Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the Linnaeus University, where I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Media and Communication Studies. During my last year of studies I wrote a BA thesis that is called "The Whore and the Madonna: A Qualitative Analysis of Modern Lifestyle Magazines Formation of the Female Portrayal", which you can download here.

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