A new year

So it is here. 2015. Seems like only yesterday that it was the shift from '99 to '00 and the new millennium. Guess time flies by faster then I manage to grasp.

During this new year I've pointed out some things to focus on and do, these are the following:
- Be more happy. Everything doesn't have to be perfect to be good, even the good things should make me happy.
- Exercise more. A totally cliché to have on a list like this, but it needs to be done since I can't just live my life infront of a computer.
- Move. In about a month or so I'll be moving, which feels like huge relief since the apartment I have for now has only been temporarily for a period of two months - I haven't even unpacked my china.
- Shop with care. I won't spend money on things with bad quality, or things that I love but that I just don't have a usage for. It's just a waste of money and time. So, in with better materials and quality before quantity.
- Travel. I haven't travel anywhere for about a year and a half, which is peculiar since I love other cultures. So that's a must.
- Let life just happen. If it gets hard - manage it, if it is fantastic - enjoy it to its fullest.

Something that I've noticed with myself is that I haven't really created plans for my future. It's been like if I live with whatever comes by. My goal before I turn 26 (three years from now) is to buy my first own apartment. And my goal before I turn 35 is to have a house at the French or Italian coast side (preferably on the French, even though I've never been there). But setting up smaller "goals" like this is probably good to make sure that you actually DO something of the year and life you're living in. So what's your goals for 2015?

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