Walking through Stockholm today I noticed that not only hade Designtorget moved back into their previous facilities, they had also updated their brand profile a little bit. And all to the better according to me, or most of it any way. Designtorget has under many years been known as using blocks of colours and the combination of white, red and black to their brand, but they have now shifted a little bit closer towards the Scandinavian touch of black, white and sand. Their new flagship store is amazing - it's airy and bright, just as a store should be (according to me). And the interior is minimalistic, letting the product take place like objects of art. Something I'm not too keen about is their new logo. Yes it's nice, and yes, I like it more than the previous one, but still I think it's a little bit too playful and nice. Mostly it is all about the g's - they feel out of proportion and not super balanced.

Something I however do love is their website.

Just as the store, the site let's the product take the place they need. Images are also used in a wise way, with a sweet mix of studio product photos on white background, together with photos that feels taken out of someones home. The site simply captures the simplicity of Scandinavian design, both within the creative area (including plenty of colours) and within the area stripped down design. Now the site is also quite smart, not only are current campaigns, favourites and news shown - you will also meet the top 8 product categories, links to stores/news/designers, an Instagram feed (with lots of fantastic photos), and a text that tells the story about Designtorget. What could have been better then? Looking at the main page it would have been nice with a flowing menu, so that you don't have to scroll all the way up (with an infinity design, not having a menu that follows you sometimes can be annoying) just to get back into the product section. Besides that, this is a site that many e-commerce sites should take after.

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