Walking through Stockholm today I noticed that not only hade Designtorget moved back into their previous facilities, they had also updated their brand profile a little bit. And all to the better according to me, or most of it any way. Designtorget has under many years been known as using blocks of colours and the combination of white, red and black to their brand, but they have now shifted a little bit closer towards the Scandinavian touch of black, white and sand. Their new flagship store is amazing - it's airy and bright, just as a store should be (according to me). And the interior is minimalistic, letting the product take place like objects of art. Something I'm not too keen about is their new logo. Yes it's nice, and yes, I like it more than the previous one, but still I think it's a little bit too playful and nice. Mostly it is all about the g's - they feel out of proportion and not super balanced.

Something I however do love is their website.

Just as the store, the site let's the product take the place they need. Images are also used in a wise way, with a sweet mix of studio product photos on white background, together with photos that feels taken out of someones home. The site simply captures the simplicity of Scandinavian design, both within the creative area (including plenty of colours) and within the area stripped down design. Now the site is also quite smart, not only are current campaigns, favourites and news shown - you will also meet the top 8 product categories, links to stores/news/designers, an Instagram feed (with lots of fantastic photos), and a text that tells the story about Designtorget. What could have been better then? Looking at the main page it would have been nice with a flowing menu, so that you don't have to scroll all the way up (with an infinity design, not having a menu that follows you sometimes can be annoying) just to get back into the product section. Besides that, this is a site that many e-commerce sites should take after.
Right now at the office I'm working with Christmas wrapping paper and gift boxes. The two main things with this project is a) patterns, and b) colours.

Choosing the right set of colour isn't an easy walk, there's so many aspects that you have to look at before you come to a clear about things. Like the shade of grey. Yep, there's Fifty Shades of Grey (and even more so), but finding the perfect one, that my friends, is hard. There's three ways to go - warm, cold or just plain black with lower opacity (in other words: neutral). And when you've chosen wether or not to go cold or warm, you need to find the perfect set of cold/warm. This can be very tricky. Because you might want a warm grey, but you don't want a dusty brown. And you might want a cool grey, but you don't want to end up with baby blue.

Then there's also the thing with what matches what. Like the cool grey matches white, and forrest green and gold. Whilst the warm grey matches red (even thought this might be a tricky match, because you can add red to a warm grey, as an accent colour, and suddenly to little bit of warm grey gets dusty brown). Of course red also goes with cool grey, but it needs to be the perfect red then. And this goes on and on and on. But playing with colours and finding the perfect match isn't just a pain, it's also something thrilling. Just as swiping among people and Tinder, where you suddenly meet someone that becomes a new BFF, colours work the same. And yes, you have to take in to account that the red you found on screen can be too good to be true, but there's always hope for another match.

I'm talking about gift twine/string.

The string just have to match the paper. And what do you do when it doesn't? Well you order new samples, from a new company. And just pray to the lord that the red colour you wanted is to be found so that it matches your paper. Or at least that's what I'm hoping at the moment when creating the Christmas wrapping..
What would you do if you started a project for yourself that revolves around creating something new for each day? Talented Evie Barrow has come up with the task of drawing portraits every day, basically just because she loves it - and because she can. View her first three weeks below.
I'm currently hooked on all the work made by Jon Contino. His work got that 40's tattoo-feeling that is hard to grasp, like if it is more honest someway. Scroll down below to see some of his work, or check out his website here.
I've been freelancing as a digital designer for INDISKA since last September, and during my time I've learn plenty new things and been put upon some challenges. Starting off this spring with Easter, I had an urge for as many images as possible, but when there aren't that many to get hold on you have to create them yourself. Better said than done I picked out some Easter decoration and started to create some sets after colour schemes and feelings, e.g. romantic, classic, natural and so on. Here are some of the images I took an afternoon by the window.
If there's something that I get inspired by, it is creative people and their homes. The images below are from the illustrator Sandra Eterovic's studio. Can a space become more creative than this? Images from here.
I've recently started working more with pinterest, having it as a digital, creative dustbin where I throw in everything that inspires me and gives me ideas and thoughts on how to develop certain project. The boards aren't that big in this moment, but if you want to look at them and perhaps be inspired you too, you can check them out here
So it is here. 2015. Seems like only yesterday that it was the shift from '99 to '00 and the new millennium. Guess time flies by faster then I manage to grasp.

During this new year I've pointed out some things to focus on and do, these are the following:
- Be more happy. Everything doesn't have to be perfect to be good, even the good things should make me happy.
- Exercise more. A totally cliché to have on a list like this, but it needs to be done since I can't just live my life infront of a computer.
- Move. In about a month or so I'll be moving, which feels like huge relief since the apartment I have for now has only been temporarily for a period of two months - I haven't even unpacked my china.
- Shop with care. I won't spend money on things with bad quality, or things that I love but that I just don't have a usage for. It's just a waste of money and time. So, in with better materials and quality before quantity.
- Travel. I haven't travel anywhere for about a year and a half, which is peculiar since I love other cultures. So that's a must.
- Let life just happen. If it gets hard - manage it, if it is fantastic - enjoy it to its fullest.

Something that I've noticed with myself is that I haven't really created plans for my future. It's been like if I live with whatever comes by. My goal before I turn 26 (three years from now) is to buy my first own apartment. And my goal before I turn 35 is to have a house at the French or Italian coast side (preferably on the French, even though I've never been there). But setting up smaller "goals" like this is probably good to make sure that you actually DO something of the year and life you're living in. So what's your goals for 2015?
Is there something you could love more than good looking sites that is practical and really has a good function? I'm not sure. Since the Adobe InDesign doesn't always want you to write a HEX-number, I just found this amazing site, that has that simple function - and is good to look at. Try it yourself to see if you like it.

And are you in the search of a random color - since you can't decide which one to use yourself? Try the main color function here. Simple, sleek, and just fab.
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